The Best Diesel Tuning Sydney Has to Offer

The best diesel tuning sydney | Willys Workshop engines are very well suited to performance tuning and are capable of much more than the factory settings. The fact that they are built to handle higher load levels than petrol engines also makes them an ideal candidate for power & torque gains. Carefully selected changes can make massive differences in a Euro performance hatch, 4WD tourer or SUV.

A quality engine remap will essentially re-flash your ECU and install new software to alter the operating parameters of the vehicle. These include the fuelling, boost, torque limits and more. The actual tuner will spend most of their time on the ‘torque request’ and ‘fuelling’ areas of the mapping as this is where the big improvements in power & torque are made.

Mackay Diesel Tuning: Boosting Power and Efficiency in Your Vehicle

It is important to note that it is a criminal offence to tamper with the engine control unit or ECU on most Australian vehicles and should be carried out by a licensed mechanic. This is why a chassis dyno should be used to gather data before and after the remap is performed, so that the tuner can check specific results and that the tuning is within safe parameters.

There are dozens of different modules available off the net that promise huge diesel power and torque gains. Most of these plug into the common rail pressure sensor and simply pump up the fuel pressure to a greater level. While this may work on some models, it is not a permanent solution and will cause excessive wear and damage to the injection system and turbo.