Commercial Law Melbourne

Commercial law melbourne is a broad area of legal specialisation that encompasses business and corporate law, dispute resolution, consumer law, property law and tax law. Melbourne Law School’s extensive subject offerings in this area allow you to tailor a program that complements your professional expertise and career pathway, and to deepen your understanding of the core questions of commercial law from both a domestic and international perspective.

How do I become a lawyer with LLB in Melbourne ?

The study of Australian commercial law involves an examination of the common law and statutory principles associated with fundamental proprietary, relational and regulatory aspects of contractual relationships. It includes an analysis of the nature and functions of the laws of agency, bailment and the law of sales (including contracts for sale of goods, transfer of ownership and reservation of title), the law of partnerships, and the Personal Property Securities Act 2009. It also considers contemporary topics in commercial law that are regulated by the law of equity and the competition laws, including unconscionable conduct, consumer guarantees, misleading and deceptive behaviour and monopoly practices.

An expert commercial lawyer can help you avoid disputes and manage or mitigate losses when they do arise. A qualified business lawyer can also assist with a variety of other matters, such as contract negotiation, intellectual property rights protection, business restructuring and mergers, and corporate/commercial litigation. These areas of expertise require specialised knowledge, experience and skills that are unique to the commercial law field. These qualities make commercial lawyers a valuable resource for businesses and the economy at large.