Online Cannibis Store

Online cannibis store is a way for cannabis consumers to purchase and receive their cannabis products from a dispensary without having to visit the physical store. This allows customers to browse and buy cannabis in advance and avoid crowded dispensary parking lots.

In addition, it provides retailers with more opportunities for marketing and remarketing to cannabis buyers. This is important for an industry that is restricted from traditional marketing channels and has many barriers to entry. Go here

A growing number of companies are offering ecommerce solutions to cannabis brands. Blackbird provides marketing tools and transport solutions for marijuana businesses, while Dutchie is a POS system that helps dispensaries manage their inventory and facilitate online orders. Leafbuyer is a cannabis ecommerce platform that provides customer acquisition, retention, and analytics tools. Olla, another ecommerce solution for cannabis, offers white-labeled dispensary apps that can be integrated into existing websites to allow easy mobile online ordering. STRAIN, another ecommerce and POS system for cannabis, offers an API that allows dispensaries to create their own branded app to offer customers a customized experience while also reducing the cost of developing an in-house app.

From Bud to Browser: Navigating the Online Cannabis Store Landscape

In states where it is legal, cannabis delivery services are a popular option for customers who do not want to travel to a dispensary. However, these services are only available to registered cannabis customers. It is important that a cannabis business has a robust system for verifying the age of their customers in real time. There are several options for doing this, including asking users to upload a picture of their state-issued identification or using third-party age verification software.