Lock Picker Tool

lock picker tool

lock picker tool  is the skill of manipulating the components of a lock device without the original key. Though often associated with criminal intent, it is also a useful and legitimate profession as well as a popular hobby.

There are many picks and turning tools to choose from, each one designed for a specific task. The most common are hooks, rakes, and single ball picks. The standard short hook is usually regarded as the most important tool in any picker’s arsenal. Mastery of this pick is correlated with mastery of the art itself.

The Craft of Entry: Mastering Lock Picker Tools for Beginners

A hook pick works by lifting pins up one at a time. It is a versatile and very effective tool that is used in most types of locks. A wide variety of hooks exist, each suited to a particular type of lock.

The rake pick does exactly what its name implies; it rakes across the pins. It is considered the most fun to use by those who regularly lockpick, but it can be a wild card and is definitely not for beginners.

Another specialized pick is the double sided rake. This pick is used for picking early Chicago double throw wafer tumbler equipped locks. It is also known as a C rake, Squiggly rake, or snake rake.

The rocking method is a simpler and less aggressive approach to picking a lock. This technique varies the direction of the turner’s rotation within the lock by gently jiggling it. This causes the tumblers that are trapped above the shear line to drop to it, freeing them from their locking position.