How to Hide a Comment on Facebook

Will someone know if i hide their comment on facebook?If you hide a comment on facebook it will not notify the person who wrote it. However, they may notice that the comment has disappeared from view. They will still be able to see it on your post and their own page but they won’t be able to reply to it in the sub-comments.

Can you reply to a hidden comment on Facebook?

Depending on the situation, it may be best to hide the comment rather than delete it. Keeping negative comments hidden can reduce the chances that they will be seen by other users. It can also give you a chance to work with the user directly to solve their issue. If you delete a comment, the user will know that their feedback has been deleted and may be more likely to take over your page with negative posts or spam.

When you hide a comment, only the person who posted it and their friends will be able to see it. If there are replies to that comment, they will also be hidden. This way only the person who wrote the comment and their friends can continue the conversation without others knowing that it has been hidden.

If you’re using a computer, go to the post or update where you want to hide the comment and select the three dots next to it. On a mobile device, tap and hold the comment you want to hide. A menu will appear with the Hide comment option. Tap that to hide the comment.