Important Faqs on Leak Detection

Important Faqs on leak detection is the process of identifying the presence or location of a leak in a pipe, hydrant, tank, or other structure. Depending on the type of leak detection used, it can involve a variety of techniques, tools and equipment to ensure that the leak is accurately located with minimal damage to surrounding property or environmental resources.

The pros of identifying a leak correctly before repairs are carried out are many: cost-effectiveness, prevention of further damage, efficient use of resources, curbing water wastage, and preservation of natural resources. However, there are some cons to consider: requiring professional expertise, time consumption, potential hidden leaks, and frustration caused by the diagnostic process.

Leak Detection Demystified: FAQs Answered for a Water-Tight Understanding

Identifying the location of a leak in a plumbing system is usually straightforward, provided that all water valves are turned off and there are no other sources of leakage such as washing machines or hot water systems. The easiest way to check is by using your water meter; locate it and note the current reading, wait for an hour without utilising any appliances or household fixtures, and then take another read. If the number has changed, there is a leak somewhere on your property.

Untreated leaks are not just a nuisance; they waste water, ruin your home, and cause structural damage. Often, they will continue infiltrating your home for months without you being aware of it, and can lead to rotting floors, walls, mould and mildew. To save money and preserve your home, call us for our expert leak detection services.