How HD Spray Foam Insulation Works


Arkansas is a safe, versatile and cost-effective solution for both new construction and existing home renovations. It impacts both the conduction and convection of heat flow in a home, improving energy efficiency and comfort. But it’s important to understand how this type of insulation works before you invest in it for your home.

Comparing HD Spray Foam Insulation to Other Insulation Types

This unique insulation is sprayed on-site by trained professionals using a specialized hose and compressor. The spray mixture contains isocyanate foam and polyol resin that react when combined on site, forming the insulating material. It resembles a bubbling liquid when first applied, but immediately expands and hardens into place to fill wall voids and crevices. The expanding nature of the foam allows for a complete coverage that is often more effective than fiberglass batt insulation.

While spray foam insulation offers many benefits, it is important to note that it does contain some potentially harmful chemicals. During the application process, it off-gasses significant amounts of volatile organic compounds. If exposed directly, this can irritate the eyes and lungs. Prolonged exposure can also cause chemical bronchitis.

Luckily, these days most foam insulation contains blowing agents with low greenhouse-gas potential (GWP). However, it’s still best to avoid high-GWP HFCs.

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